So you think it's down to 4?


Sounds like Briles is out based on the quotes from Tillman on Duerte and Berman tweets.



Tilman’s remarks makes it sound like there’s more than 1 coach of interest who has a game this week.

Has there been any word that Miles would want the job? Seems like he would be best served to not coach next year. I would guess he would be looking at another SEC job in the next couple years. If he is getting paid anyway, seems better to just hang out and not coach. I would love him, but I just don’t think it will happen.

For me it is Holgorsen and Orlando. Wouldn’t want Montgomery because of the Baylor connection, think Riley is still too young, and don’t want a UT grad as head coach (wouldn’t mind him staying as OC).

My choices:

Leach (not even sure if he’s candidate)…

As far as I can tell, anyone beyond Applewhite and Orlando are just names listed by the media as potential candidates. Nothing indicates that Miles is interested. Suppose only the search firm would know for sure who is actually interested at this point. Maybe more leaks out over weekend.

Same here. Holgorsen and Orlando seem like our two best options. JD thinks Holgorsen is a legit candidate per his “sources”. However, saw him mentioned for Oregon as well. Should get interesting.

Briles? When did Renu retire?


Tillman has stated that Miles is “on the list. Not saying 5th or 1st, but he’s on the list.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, Houston Board of Regents chairman and billionaire booster Tilman Fertitta said Miles is on the school’s list of head football coaching candidates.

“I think we have interest in him and he has interest in us,” Fertitta told the Chronicle.

I stand corrected, lol. Miles is interested. The more candidates we look at the better :sunglasses:

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If Miles is in my top 5, he’s probably #5. But the fact that he’s interested in UH after being so successful for so long at LSU is very encouraging to me. This program has come ridiculously far in the last 10 years.


I’m okay with Miles as long as there is a stipulation for an offensive coordinator who passes the ball.

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It has been said that Miles would bring Sarkisian with him anywhere he goes as an OC.
If true that moves him up my list.

Is going to be someone out of left field. That’s how it is most of the time.

I’m intrigued by Fleck… anything that makes him a negative?

No ties to Texas recruiting would make coaching here an uphill battle.

Per Coaching Scoop

President Renu Khator tweeted this morning that they hope to have filled the head coaching job in two weeks. Sources tell FootballScoop some of the coaches Houston plans to speak with include Dana Holgorsen, Troy’s Neal Brown, Arkansas State’s Blake Anderson and Todd Orlando and Major Applewhite. We also have heard of potential interest in Tulsa head coach Philip Montgomery. Les Miles is another name of interest here. Expect this one to heat up late this weekend / early next week is what we’ve been hearing

Neal Brown and Blake Anderson were names I was unaware of.

That timeline would be consistent with hiring a coach that’s playing a game this weekend…