Soccer signs 4 in early signing period

Nice write up on the four signees this fall. Program looks good moving forward!


This is kind of crazy.

I’m afraid of what might be following this announcement down the road . . . .


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Are you referring to the scandal in 2020

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The scandal was in 2018 & 2019 iirc, but I believe Lawbert was referring to what might be following the Letter of Intent announcement from the 4 potential recruits.

However, now that you brought up the infamous rhadbo incident(s), I’m kinda starting to wonder if more info or allegations will come to light…

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Can someone explain to me about the scandals?

Butch, if you Google Univ Houston soccer is investigated for using rhabdo. CH 2 local started orig investigation after a player/ and or parent complained. The S&C coach for soccer was fired after initial investigation.

Check out the links below for more info on the Bocanegra Rhadbo Whistleblower Leaks

Bear Bryant 2 lol

I wasn’t implying I knew anything about anything.

I just thought it was strange that he would be moving on without announcing that he was moving on somewhere else (moving up in jobs).

With no explanation, I have some concerns that something may have happened that forced his retirement. But that’s a concern–nothing based on facts.

I thinking it’s curious that he stated he is retiring from college coaching, not coaching altogether. Probably tired of all that goes into recruiting and putting up with all the bs that comes with the job at the college level.

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Hope we make a quick and good replacement because have a good classing coming in and a commitment from a top Ridge Point player for next year. Hope she sticks

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Possibly. But he seems to have been having success.

In any event, it’s a better job to have now than when he came, so I’m thankful for that. Add the Big 12, I would think we can make a good hire.