Softball- Baton Rouge Regional - No 1 LSU v. No 3 Houston - (L 1-0, plays today at 5 pm)

Note: Whoever loses will play at 5 pm vs the winner of ULL and Fordham.

Watch on ESPN3:


“American Softball Goes 3-1 in NCAA Regional Openers”

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Heebner back in the circle

Top 1st

1 out single. Heebner induces a double play to get out of it

M1…No Score

Bottom 1st

Crumpton with a 1 out single. Moves to 2nd on a Heebner groundout. That’s where she’s stranded.

T2…No Score

Top 2nd

Heebner retires the side in order

M2…No Score

Bottom 2nd

Williams with a leadoff infield single. Vannoy with the sac bunt, and reaches on the fielders choice; runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. Coogs leave them stranded though.

T3… No Score

Top 3rd

2 out walk. Groundout ends the inning.

M3…No Score

Bottom 3rd

James leads off with a single. Heebner sac bunt, but reaches on an error, James goes to 3rd. Queen reaches on a fielders choice, James out at the plate, Heebner to 2nd. They’re left stranded

T4…No Score

Top 4th

Quick and easy 1-2-3 inning for Heebner

M4…No Score

Bottom 4th

Coogs down in order

T5…No Score

Top 5th

1 out single. Coogs just miss getting a double play on a liner to short, but the throw gets away. Runner stays at 1st. Double scores the runner from 1st…LSU leads 1-0

Next batter is hit by a pitch. Heebner gets a ground out to get out of the jam.

M5…LSU leads 1-0

Bottom 5th

Howie with a lead off pinch infield single. Heebner with a 2 out single puts runners on 1st and 2nd. That’s it for the Coogs though.

M5…LSU leads 1-0

Top 6th

2 out walk. Moves to 2nd on a wild pitch. Groundout ends it

M6…LSU leads 1-0

Bottom 6th

Coogs down in order

T7…LSU leads 1-0

Top 7th

Leadoff single. Sac bunt moves the runner to 2nd. Heebner escapes.

M7…LSU leads 1-0