Solid Break Down of Our Team by a Horn

It’s a longer video, but it was easy to stay engaged. Creator takes an analytical dive into our team, talking about individual rankings, efficiency, etc


Very good break down…also, ver depressing and not a good look for CDH and his talent strategy

Apparently he sought out to build a Big 12 style team, from the early 2000s, despite the conference adjusting


That was good and in depth. Can this guy break down the rest of our games? Lol. Even the video footage was extensive. Only thing I disagree with was he said Parker Jenkins plays upright. Imo, he is our only RB that doesn’t.


We have an above average offense and a defense that can’t stop the run, corners that do not seal the field and does not blitz. His assessment that the defense is suited for the Big 12 earlier this century is really damning. My opinion, Texas will run the ball all day to keep the ‘slightly above average offense’ off the field.



Yes…our game plan needs to keep their offense off the field as long as possible.

We need to hold the ball until the end of the play clock to limit their snaps.

I’d go straight Air Raid and try to outscore them. Last one with the ball wins.


I certainly agree that we should try to outscore them. Seems like a winning strategy.


Tech’s air raid version beat Texas last year.


All corners are bottom 4th in the league…


Video basically confirms Belk scheme is too vanilla with the rush 4 drop 7 approach & you’re not getting any pressure upfront. Needs to mix up the playcalling. Also confirms that Dana needs to quit outsmarting himself with the conservative ball control offense & get your guys in space in the short passing game to set up the run


1.5 sacks a game…

We’re gonna run the ball a lot with smith and rbs to shorten the game. Lol Up the middle, up the middle lol

UT’s secondary blew the OU game.

RT & RH of WVU were 2nd string and we still couldn’t get pressure…. That’s telling.