Some amazing things happening

8-3 in quad 1. Second most wins in the country.

Sole possession of first place in the hardest league in the country on February 20, 10-3.

22-3 overall after losing 2 starters to the draft and replacing another 2 starters.

Top 10 all year.

Not a single 7 footer on the floor.

Still some people not celebrating on this board and looking for reasons that we aren’t good.


As of 2/19/24

Remaining Quad games.


23-3 but who’s counting?


Outstanding win against a team very similar to ours.

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There’s ALWAYS going to be people who aren’t happy or can’t be satisfied. Best to just let it go and not be someone who’s complaining about the complainers.


Don’t forget the Dunn crowd too.

Are you a new fan? We’re all waiting for the inevitable Coog it.

J/K guys… maybe…hopefully.

I’ll celebrate when and if we win a NC. But I do enjoy watching them kick butt

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Yet, there are still people out there saying they don’t play anybody and FC can’t be filled up. Haters gonna hate.

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Haven’t heard any of that in awhile, maybe after we loss back to back with Iowa State and TCU

Now the goalposts have shifted to our arena is too small. Never going to satisfy some people.

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I think it’s mostly trolling and just plain jealousy. When they get these comments, they’re obviously doing something right!

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Amen! Especially on that last bit.

I think part of aging well includes recognizing (so you can enjoy now) when we are actually currently “in the good old days”. We are there now.

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Used to be on my car!