Some high rated G5 defenses playing this weekend

Left out AAC and MWC schools and grad assistant experience.

Appalachian State: 18th
Bryan Brown
-2018 DC/CB
-2012-17 CB

Northern Illinois: 27th
Jeff Knowles
-2018 DC/LB
-2017 LB
2014-16 NC State
-Defensive Quality Control
2008-13 University of Saint Francis
-2012-13 DC
-2011-13 Recruiting Coordinator
-2010-13 LB
-2008-09 DL

Marshall: 32nd
Adam Fuller
-2013-18 DC/AHC/Safeties
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
-2009-12 DC/LB
Assumption College in Worcester
-2008 HC
-2005-07 AHC

UAB 34th
David Reeves
-2016-18 DC
-2014-15 DL
Jacksonville State
-2013 DL
UT Martin
-2012 Secondary
Southern Arkansas
-2010-11 DC
-2007-09 Unspecified position coach


Do you think Applewhite will go after any of those guys? It’s a good list but I see him hiring someone that he knows.

Have no clue. I was just listing some based on we haven’t listed out candidates so one or more might still be finishing their season.

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Nothing to see here folks. Move on.


I wouldn’t mind looking at some defensive assistant coaches from good defensive teams like Alabama.


Well that is kind of why I like Bryan Brown. He isn’t a P5 guy but his track record as a cornerbacks coach is stellar.

Rankings of opponent passing efficiency and passes intercepted (ranking):
2018: 2, 24
2017: 39, 12
2016: 11, 6
2015: 20, 12

The guy is due for a big pay day soon.


Appalachian State coaching staff will probably end up at Louisville. UAB DC is tethered to the head coach. Northern Illinois and Marshall usually have some of the best talent in those leagues. The DC at Colorado is looking. He did a respectable job (66 in scoring defense, 74 the previous season), has been an SEC DC, and also coached at Rice and Texas State; he was a GA here.

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didn’t even list the most desirable one

bert watts from fresno

Read the first line. Left out AAC and MWC schools for reasons obvious to me and I hope most others.

i get that but i dont see why…we did steal orlando from a mwc school

Feel free to add Bert Watts resume to the list. I didn’t see anyone else making a list so to be critical of my list because it was the longest but not long enough feels like you are just wanting to pick a fight. I’m not getting paid for this. Do you go to a soup kitchen and complain that the ladler is too slow?

not sure where you’re getting that from, ive just been calling for watts as a top 3 candidate for a while now and i see a thread about “high rated g5 candidates” and he isn’t even included

my point was you left out the guy we should really want…not picking a fight

Read the title again. I didn’t say candidates. I said defenses. I didn’t say “highest,” I said “high.” Then even though I carefully worded it to ensure people wouldn’t think I am calling these the “top 4 highest rated” I even added the line that I didn’t include AAC or MWC right at the top.

Never used “top” never used “highest” never used “candidates” and listed it has exceptions and you still are reading into it. Feel free to defend but I’m done replying because you are looking for criticism because you are reading into things that aren’t there.

not sure why your being defensive …im not criticizing your list
i think your interpreting my response as “your list is wrong”
when its more “i wish you added the guy i was rooting for”

I second this and would like to nominate Todd Bates-Clemson

We have pretty good results taking guys from winning p5 programs.

Winning = key word

What about Scott Shafer at MTSU? I’m surprised he’s not an assistant at a major program. He was head coach at Syracuse for three years as well as DC there. Other DC stints include Michigan, Stanford, and before that, Western Michigan, and Northern Illinois. MTSU was #51 in scoring defense this year at 25.2 ppg, #46 last year at 24.7 ppg.

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Don’t know him but sounds experienced.