Someone confirm: Chidozie Nwankwo named DT starter as true frosh?


I saw this on Facebook.

Someone please confirm.

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Can’t access this, Major.

I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

May be bogus.

It may have been taken down.

I just clicked on the link and was able to access it. It’s from Jimmy Schofield’s Facebook page.

Thanks, Colonel. Sorry I know well your exalted rank.

Yes. Nwankwo and his dad confirmed it


Starting as a true frosh on the D-line is a RARITY!!!

Perhaps he’s the next Ed Oliver!!!

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I think Ed said as much when we first started recruiting him.

Two-time state wrestling champion for his weight. He should be able to navigate the trenches.

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In my mind, being a State Heavyweight wrestling champion would make a person a natural interior defensive lineman.

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So why are we not hearing about who the other starters will be? Not decided yet, maybe? We assume Tune is a lock. Also, the way Cauthen rotated DL people last year, “starting” may be symbolic more than anything else.

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Yes, true. Starters change day by day. Sometimes my player doesn’t know until game time. And defense is rotated out quite a bit

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The beauty of depth (36 red shirts, 8 transfers, returning injured, losing only 4 guys to graduation, incoming recruits) is that if you are 2-3 deep, “starting” is only because you play the first series.

Bruce Feldman at The Athletic tabs him in the Top 10 freshmen to watch this year:

8. Dot Nwankwo, DT, Houston

This may sound familiar: local D-line prospect. Shorter than most people like. Plays with great leverage. Very explosive. We’re not saying he’s going to be as great as Ed Oliver was, but let’s just say Houston folks are very excited about the defensive tackle who is about 5-11, 295. Nwankwko’s film in high school was eye-catching, but word is a few schools probably got a little skittish when they realized he wasn’t taller than 6-0. That was very fortunate for the Cougars.