Sonny Dykes

I know it’s pointless but didn’t Sonny Dykes want to come coach here at UH? Why didn’t we get him? Was it Opie or CDH that we hired? He has done a pretty good job at smooo and looks content there. Or was it because we were to boujee? Asking for a friend.

I think he actually did NOT want to come here when he was on the list, but it seems like he’s been “linked” to the job every time there was an opening over the last 10 years.

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I think we were interested after Sumlin left but either he was pretty up front that he wanted the Tech job if it opened up in a year or his dad told him not to come here.

I think he did want the job after Herman left and he’d just been fired from Cal, but we were not interested.

No. He wouldn’t even interview here.

His dad supposedly told him to stay away.

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