Sort of OT

If Alabama spent a decade in CUSA, then played an SEC West schedule in its 11th year, what record do you think they would have that year?

If being in C-USA keeps them from the payoff, I mean playoff, then the ceiling is .500. Recruiting would suffer because of no playoff chances but if they are at the top of C-USA, and good enough to be ranked 15-25, they could beat the bottom half of the division most year, I think.

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See UH after the SWC broke up.


Or Alabama before Nick Saban…sad, but true. Dennis Franchoni(sp) left the for Texas A & M.

Another, in a continuing effort, by the ags in their search for a “great” coach.

Ain’t gonna happen !

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I ask because I hear the argument that a team like Memphis would not be 12-2 if they played a ‘P5’ schedule. But I think it’s absurd to make the argument considering the discrepancy in resources, recruiting potential, postseason play, etc. If anything I think you could say a school like Memphis or UCF, which perform at comparable or better levels to the top half of the privileged 5 each season, would dominate with the resources the p5 conferences have.

And I would be curious to see what would happen to a perennial power like Alabama if they were relegated to a poorer conference with a considerably weaker sos, then see how they would perform relative to a Memphis or UCF after a decade.

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Yeah, I was going to refer to that. There are differences though that could make this hypothetical case easier for 'bama. Like the fact that they seem to have a supportive administration and excellent facilities. When I think about it, it’s really a miracle were are where we are today, across the board in athletics, after the miserable 1990’s.

I agree, initially, that would be the case. However, the legit opportunity to make the playoff will boost recruiting so a G5 with excellent recruiters and very good to excellent facilities will catch up talent-wise pretty quick once in a P5 conference.

The question would be would they still draw 90k a game if playing in a G5 if they did they should do fine if attendance suffers added to the lost tv revenue then they could slip big time.