Sound System Dont Go BOOM

Is it just me or is the stadium sound system way to soft. I can neither hear the announcer, ref, nor feel the music. Does someone know how to get in touch with someone or is it just me that has this issue?

Don’t want to feel the music, but yes, the announcer was hard for me to hear. Disclosure - I do have moderate hearing loss.

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It wasn’t just you. Don’t recall having the problems hearing everything that I had last night. I barely heard the ref and the stadium announcer came thru most of the time but not always.

I only had a problem hearing the referees when the crowd was being loud. So the whole time >:-). I’m fine with that.

When TDECU first opened the sound system was crazy loud with too much bass. Someone had posted that it would be addressed after the season. I guess someone had initially turned it up to 11 and now its somewhere around 4 which honestly is fine with me.

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I agree with this. Too soft is preferable to too loud. Too loud causes headaches vs too soft is just a bit of missed information sometimes.

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I can actually hear the train over the music…I’m more than good with that!

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You can’t hear crap where I sit (103) everyone sounds like the adults on Charlie Brown. If I paid for an ad or put some work into a video, I probably would want it heard. The weird thing is you can hear it perfectly clear outside of the stadium.

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I feel if the sound system was intially turned at 11 and now its sitting at a 4 it could be up to a 7. Agreed that if you pay for an ad and it doesnt present well it sucks and yes i heard it clear from outside (weird). I almost missed the national anthem and definitely missed the Houston Cougars chant that i love to hear from sideline to sideline. It sounds like a bunch of mumbling and in my section we had to guess what the refs were calling most of the game. I dont think it should be that soft when we’re that loud =D

I wonder if they turned down the volume in deference to the neighborhoods on the other side of Scott, since it was a Thursday/school night.

good point.

I thought the sound was perfect. I was in the west end zone.

One thing that did bother me was the band and PA music weren’t aligned (at least once). I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, but at some point in the third (I think after our 2nd TD that qtr) before we kicked off the band was rocking The Horse, and our kick off music started up.

Now I’m thirsty for The Horse. Guess I’ll have to wait 'till the 15th.

I think a huge problem starting out was that all those poor people in the “family zone” right below the screen were getting their ears blasted, and I definitely remember the first game the stadium opened and a few after that it was crazy loud, but I think it got dialed down for the sake of the family zone people. And I’m fine with it, the spirit of Houston is the only music y’all need to hear :wink:

We sometimes play a little too long and get carried away, if you look down at the director he’s got a huge lineup and a headset and basically every single gap we have the opportunity to play in we do but in that instance we played a little too long and the next media segment intersected with our music.

I think the stadium announcer is talking too much. Greg will be up at the line clapping or calling the play and the stadium announcer is still going on about a 2yrd run during his cadence

The PA guy is the same one who does the Astros home games. To me, he is more interested in speaking in a very deep voice than enunciating sometimes.

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