Sources: Texas to hire Houston's Todd Orlando as defensive coordinator

Sources: Texas to hire Houston’s Todd Orlando as defensive coordinator


Released right at kickoff. Pete Thamel is sleazy and can join Herman/UT in that bucket.

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Sadly, this was expected. Still, I appreciate Orlando for not being deceptive about it, and, especially, for the great work he did as our defensive coordinator.


Agreed. Orlando has handled the move in a far classier manner. Do love herman and UT’s attempt to capitalize on our network tv appearance by leaking news of the hire around kickoff time. Trying to get UT some air time. Smart but a little slimy.


Funny… another lie?

“Oh, yeah I think there is interest,” Herman said to Fox 26’s Mark Berman. “There’s interest in a lot of people though, too. Todd is tremendous, but I don’t want to do anything to distract from what they’re doing in preparing to go win a bowl game, to win the 10th game of the season, for back-to-back double-digit win seasons for the first time in the University of Houston history. There’s no way in heck that I would try to interfere with that or distract from that.”

That’s the said thing about our former coach saying that: Today, as momentum shifted, the players needed their position coaches to keep them focused and upbeat. Instead, they either had GAs talking to them or had coaches that had one foot out the door. How do you trust the coach or the GA when that trust was broken.

Sumlin at least let us keep the staff…


Sorry, Vermin, you interfered with this back on November 25.

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The Russians leaked the news-

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Perfect timing, dont you say?

Why would a person ask the obvious question to begin with? Most of the people on the board said he was gone…

Dang it! Now I’m going to have to root against Orlando just because he’s going to UT. I liked Orlando a lot. It was really never in doubt that he was going to UT once he didn’t get the HC job, but at least he had the integrity to see his commitment through. But now I’m going to have to root for him to fail because UT needs to fail.

I have a lot of respect for Orlando, but it’ll be interesting to see what the pass happy B12 does to his defense. I can see a lot of the Tulsa and Memphis games in his future. Timing routes and quick releases will negate his blitzing D.

Yep. Can’t let corners line up 12 yards off the ball like we did against Tulsa and Memphis. Not against Big 12 pass-happy offenses.

On a similar note, our secondary was terrible about picking off passes this year. Is that more on Orlando or just a decrease in talent from 2015? We went from ranked 7th with 21 INTs in 2015 to ranked 101 with 7 INTs in 2016. That’s an unbelievable drop off!

A little of both. On the pass happier teams they learned to adapt and the blitzes weren’t as effective to cause bad throws and ints. The secondary play wasn’t as good on an island, but they were young.

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