Southland now plans to delay until Spring

So much for the Tech v. HBU game!

As I posted on another thread, perhaps this is our chance to poach some Southland Conference talent.

Hey listen.

I still don’t understand how those schools that have cancelled fall football truly expect to play in the Spring…and then be ready to play again the next Fall.

Doesn’t seem realistic to me, but perhaps they’ll fool me!

It seems to me that if you cancel in the Fall…you should be waiting until the next Fall, but as I said, perhaps they’ll pull it off in a way that I cannot foresee!


It will be tougher for FCS with fewer players, but FBS teams have over 100 guys with close to a quarter turnover so I really don’t think that is the biggest issue. Spring would most likely be a shortened season too. Don’t all the old school guys always say back in their day full contact practices were worse than games? Isn’t much hitting going on in practices today so these kids probably take less than half the hits as teams from decades previously.


Noncon games are still on, so HBU can still play Tech.


Will the NCAA allow teams to carry more scholarships for the next few years or just one year?


Somehow I doubt that’s happening now, but I could be wrong. That would mean that they would have both a Fall and Spring football season, in theory.

I just don’t see it.

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I mean, the conference commissioner explicitly carved out that exception. As weird as it’d be, I don’t see any evidence that they’re not planning on playing.

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Folks gonna try to play unless someone takes the engine out the bus and then they’ll still find a way to play. All about the dollars

hilarious isn’t it?

“too dangerous to have a season, buuuuuuuuut we’ll still risk it to play the big P5 schools for a payday”

its all laughable at this point.


Incredibly, HBU’s coach was on Twitter today acting as if he still plans to play a three game Fall season.


I definitely stand corrected!

See here:

HBU is likely being paid big bucks for them to play at Texas Tech and good money to play the other two schools. It is not like HBU has a big athletic budget that allows them to just not play for a year.


Hbu went out and resembled a catfish over the past few months. They went out and picked up games when other teams canceled.