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Any input or information for this oot Coog regarding who might be assigned to return punts and who will win the punter position this fall. These are important shoes to fill to
keep the momentum going.

Postma was the top punter when spring ended, but the guy from Australia might win the job. It’s going to be tough to replace Ayers as a punt returner. He may have been the best I’ve seen at UH. IIRC, a few guys were tried in the spring, but no one stepped up and claimed the job. Some incoming freshmen might get into the mix.

Did you not see Tyronn Carrier?

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Carrier had 15 punt returns in his entire career, and none his junior and senior seasons. He was the best kickoff return man I’ve seen at UH but not punt returner. Ayers had 28 returns last season for a 10.5 avg.

Ayers was the most sure handed PR UH has had since I’ve been watching games. I got so used to guys fumbling before that’s all I really care about now. Just don’t drop the damn thing so our offense can go to work,

I thought that was what made him so special. Most guys either have great moves and/or speed but are prone to cough it up. Others are sure-handed but need really good blocking to get yards. Ayers was the best of both.

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Jason DeGroot was better as far as fielding goes. He never dropped nothing (from what I recal).

God remember that smu game 2012? Where we couldn’t catch a punt? That was the worst game i’ve ever sat through.


Postma, the punter. Wow, lots of interesting possibilities. I didn’t realize he could punt, but I’m not surprised given his athletic skills

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