Sports Baby: The negative impact Big 12 expansion could potentially have on Texas A&M

That reason right there should be enough to convince the Big 12 to include us.

very amusing read…the writer did everything but add boo hoo, poor aggies, to the narrative.


What a big nothing-burger. The article says the only way A&M is impacted is that UH may become a more attractive destination for recruits. Of course, if UH does become a more attractive recruiting destination, A&M wouldn’t be any more negatively impacted than UT or other Texas schools. And when you consider that UH has been doing just fine on recruiting the past few years, there isn’t much room for UH to improve in terms of recruiting. Plenty of recruits already consider UH a destination school. So nothing changes. (I’m guessing that since the article appears in the Dallas Morning News that the author isn’t fully aware of what has been going on in Houston over the past few years.)

Remember, the author says this is the only way A&M is affected. SEC will continue to dominate Houston and DFW TV eyeballs.

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I agree with everything you said except for the bit about there not being much room for UH to improve in terms of recruiting. While we have made major strides in recruiting, we still lose a lot of elite level talent to P5 schools. Does anyone think for a second Tyrie Cleveland would have chosen to decommit from UH if we were in a P5? It’s possible, but not likely. We are getting considered regularly by 4 and 5 stars and even making their top 5s, but we aren’t reeling many of them in. Playing in a P5 with a better chance of getting drafted will definitely improve our situation with top level recruits.


And we should worry about the “negative impact on atm” - WHY, exactly?

That question is directed at the author and Dallas paper, not ddkately! :innocent:

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Lol…sound like the author’s worst nightmare is about to happen…this invite need to come like tomorrow…:slight_smile:

Couldn’t stop crying. So sad.

Unless the Big-12 has reached a level of stupidity beyond description, they will include UH in any expansion, UH will give this city back to the Big-12. I could see us making serious inroads into recruiting in East Texas.

“UH will give this city back to the Big-12.”

Yes we will - and then take it with us when we go to another conference after the Big-12-4+2+4 implodes in a few years!

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Lol …i couldn’t say it better than Eatemup!

It’s ok to loose some elite level talent if they are not team players. Would rather coach a player up, than try to keep one out of court.

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