Spot review

“A head coach initiates this challenge by taking a team timeout before the ball is next legally put in play”

Did he call a timeout?

From Chris Baldwin……

More from UH football coach Dana Holgorsen on questionable spot on final drive when Cougars seemed to get first down but were declared short: “They say they’re reviewing it and it is confirmed. What else am I going to do?.. I’m not going to waste a timeout if they say it’s confirmed. I don’t understand it.”


When did they review it? I don’t recall hearing “after the review….” from the refs.

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It’s confirmed. You’re screwed.


The full quote makes it sound like he wasn’t sure what gets reviewed and not but it sounds like the ref is saying we already looked at it

I’m guessing they looked at it during the injury timeout and told him the guys in the booth said “no dice.”

It’s hard to imagine that level of blatant crookedness…but UT has a way of making that happen.


Unreal, that happens all the time?

UT has been handing 18 year-olds bags of money behind Circle K for 60 years. Do you think they’re beneath giving an official’s daughter a job at a prestigious law firm or a paid internship at NASA?

These MFs are some of the slimiest people on the planet. No money has to change hands. Its all done in favors. And it was probably done on a golf course last week.


Do you burn your last timeout, when you have already been screwed? We pick up the first on fourth down and we need the timeout.


Such odd comments
“I don’t understand review” - hopefully commentary on officiating and not rules

“Every time I think something is reviwable, I can’t get them to review it.” - Did you call a timout to challenge?

“They say they’re looking at it but I don’t know that” - if you challenge, they have to put the review call on record

Reporter: "Did you have the option to challenge that 3rd down call? That spot? "
CDH “No. I mean I did. I’m sitting there saying what do you want me to do, call a timeout? Can I review it? They said they’re reviewing it. They said we are reviewing it and it is confirmed. What else am I going to do? They said they reviewed it. It’s confirmed. Im not going to waste a timeout if they say its confirmed. I dont understand it. I dont understand what’s reviewable, whats not reviewable, how we get a review, how we get a challenge. I dont understand any of it.” - Maybe this is Dana’s poor communication coming through otherwise this is pitiful. How do you get a challenge? You call a timeout . Its in the rulebook. If the ref says its been reviewed and confirmed, maybe you debate saving the timeout. But dont look like an idiot saying you don’t know what the rules are. Even if you’re told its confirmed, that’s a quick 30(?) second review. Maybe you use the TO and challenge anyways. You know they didn’t have time to look at all angles that fast. These kinds of calls often take minutes to go through them all. Maybe it appeared short on the one angle they looked at, but others they didn’t see prove otherwise.

I’m sorry, but that sounds to me like CDH not knowing the rules and getting flustered in a pressure situation

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Pff. Sounds like it would have cost us our last timeout to review a predetermined decision. I’d like to see whatever angle those refs were “looking” at when they made their decision. Can’t believe we got hosed like that.


Here’s the thing though.

Had it not been overturned, we would have lost our last time out with only a minute left in the game.

Given that risk, I can understand the decision not to review it.

As for the fourth down call, given that we only had 14 yards rushing the entire game, I can understand going with a pass play, but maybe not that one.

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I think we had a better chance of having it overturned than of converting and then needing that timeout with over a minute left in the

And you don’t save your ace for game seven if game six is a must win. Pull out all the stops to continue the drive so that you have an opportunity to need a timeout later.


And the TV crew and their replay expert disagreed with that one also.


The Manjack one should have been spotted on the 1 foot line. The refs seem a bit off on their spotting skills.

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The playcall was fine, he was beyond the line to gain. The execution was bad.

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Reminded me of Paul Gipsons non TD against the Horns- tackled in the endzone and pushed back and the ball was spotted on the 2 yard line. Of course thats before replay(1966-if i remember right). I say that this replay ref was either inept or corrupt


I would have run the play we ran on 4th down on 3rd down. We were talking about a play action rollout before the snap on 3rd down.

I thought the same thing. We would have been 1st and Goal at the 9 with 30 seconds. Were we wanting the TO to surprise them with another -1yard rushing play? We had time for four passing plays to the EZ, or even three plays if we don’t change personnel and we get tackled before the EZ. We could still spike it with 10-15 seconds.

Call the dang TO and force their hand. That was an egregious misplacement of the spot.


Main reason I started playing golf…should of started earlier