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Any update regarding the progress of completing the stadium exterior? Have they started? I know it is supposed to be ready by season opener.

Well, I would not count on that, if I were you. Unless they have started installing the skin in the last few days, nothing has been done - nothing at all, other than removing all the big banners. The smaller red ones are still in place.

I think the delay just might be because we think we are about to be admitted to the Big-12-4+2 Conference. Aldineblue posted recently that he had heard Tillman Fertitta say on the radio that we would expand the stadium to 60,000 (yes 60, not 50) as soon as we have an invitation in hand to any of the P5 conferences. So, maybe they are holding off to see if that happens.

Just a guess.

That is my guess also

60,000 is just @## stupid. It’ll undercut your season ticket sales. Honestly, all we really need is 45,000. I’ll compromise to 50,000 but that’s it. I’d rather have a packed, intimate, Taj Mahal of a 45,000 facility than some gaudy monstrosity that we will not full a majority of the time. We are NOT that animal and it’s ok!!! Give me BATHROOMS and concessions on the second level of TDECU before that absurd expansion.


I’m with you, I think jumping to 60k is overkill. It will look pretty bare when we are playing a team that has a weak following even if we show up in strength. And I second on the amenities. I am about quality not quantity. I would rather us be at 40k and beef up the amenities - restrooms, restaurants, etc. instead of 60k and walking half a mile for food, toilet, etc.

At 50k it would be just below the median in the current B12 and 60k would be on par with all but UT and OU.

I say we wait an earn the next number. if we have season tickets of 40K for the next 3 years, then up and away, but not a day sooner.

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It’s probably not a choice. I suspect that expanding to 60K will be a requirement for admittance; otherwise, Fertitta probably wouldn’t have made that statement.

I think that you’re probably right about a TDECU stadium expansion being an admission requirement for UH to the Big 12. I suspect that the renovation of the Hof is likely another admission requirement; hence the recent comment that Tilman Fetitta is willing to make the lead contribution to get 'er done.

And football facility

And, if UH plans to prove that we belong in a P5 league, then we darn sure better be able to grow our fan base and fill up the new (and about to be expanded) stadium PDQ. And I think we will.

Something comes to mind about…“running with the big dogs”…

That would be a strange requirement given Baylor and TCU both seat less than 50K.


New guys are subject to new rules?

We could guarantee 10k visitor tickets but expanding over 50k seems foolhardy unless CTH is on board for 5+ years. If it’s a requirement then so be it. What about Cinci’s Nippert Stadium which was a capacity of 40,100?

You cannot do all those improvements on reduced tv revenue. If there are new rules then we stipulate some of our own. It’s not like there are a lot of better schools out there, if they expand to 4. If they only go with 2, not sure UH was a good option for expanding the exposure of the conference.

60K KEEPS US OUT OF NRG stadium and prevents OU and the horns from complaining …

Gets it done in one fell swoop and NOT go the Neyland stadium route … the Vols built their upper deck in bits and pieces over the years and it looks a mess for those who have been there as there are several rows uneven with rows not matching. Lil wonder the stadium ROCKS and SHAKES like an earthquake when they play Rocky Top and the fans are jumping … BTW I will be experiencing that earthquake this fall in that upper level this time.

As for bathrooms … well we will eventually get some … unlike Michigan St fans whose upper decks have been without that convenience since they built the upper decks in the mid '50s

I suspect being in a P5 and having CTH building a dynasty and powerhouse TDECU will be rocking to capacity someday and fans will be complaining there aren’t enough seats.

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That’s possible but it would be different than what they did a few years ago with TCU.

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  1. There will be less construction cost to build to 60K in one swoop.

  2. We will fill a 60K stadium NOW, when the likes of Oklahoma, Texas, and possibly the other Texas schools come. As our Alumni base and T-shirt fan base grows, it will be filled consistently in the not-so-distant future.

  3. We will lose $$$$$ if we don’t have the seats to house the large demand for the larger games.

  4. Yes it will suck to see empty seats when we play the lower level teams…but I see that as a temporary thing that will not be a problem in 5-10 years.

If the B12 is setting that as a requirement (increasing stadium capacity to 60k) then why haven’t they required the same from Baylor and TCU? Neither of their stadiums seat 60k, in fact I don’t think they even seat 50k.

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TCU is 50K I believe, BU is 45K.

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