Stadium Operations

I noticed some changes on the directory listing for stadium operations and such. Did we end that Houston Sports and Entertainment partnership that had proved to be controversial? It looks like we brought everything in house.

Anyone know some details on the change?

Here’s an article on it. Looks like it just switched to in-house at the end of July.

VenuWorks is out as the University doesn’t want to do concerts anymore. Aramark is still involved, but will no longer manage the food/beverage aspect of the stadium, however, they will still provide service. May open up other food/service options.

Allowing outside restaurants to sell inside the stadium would be amazing however I have no idea how easy or difficult that would be to manage regularly. It would definitely get people talking about it though. Why end with great local craft beer when you can add in BBQ, Fried Chicken, Vietnamese, Tex-Mex… I need to go make me a sandwich now.


How’s doing the security?

Security is sponsored by Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Anything is better than what we had!!

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