Standard to offer cashierless experience

Exxon has had a cashierless gas station at the corner of HWY 6 North and FM 529 for something like 20 years. The technology may not be all that sophisticated, but they’re just selling gasoline and I think they have some vending machines for snacks.

I like interaction with real humans. There is just something with being able to communicate which is what I will always need.


I hate to share this as I like the convenience of it, but I use Scan and Go at Sams Club and its great! You basically just scan the item with your phone using the Sams app, as you go, and then “check out” at the end and just walk out the store. No waiting in line, no need to touch the self checkout register. I think Walmart is also going to start using this method. Can’t wait.

I completely forgot I use this too!

I use this also but at Walmart you still have to go through the checkout line to get the receipt and you have to pay 6 bucks a month for the privilege of doing their job for them.