Starting OL and DL?

Any insight who will be the starters on both lines?

Last I heard from Duarte, OL is:

Rodgers, Denley, Eloph, Long, Jones

  • Noble and Fontana are in the mix of healthy

DL is Malveaux, Thurman, Carter

  • 6 man rotation with Oliver, Singleton, and Vaughn expected to get playing time

I’ve not heard of Eloph playing Center, backup or otherwise EVER. I knew Noble had concussion issues but I hadn’t heard of Fontana being injured.

Eloph moved to center after the injuries.

Right, Noble is the starter if healthy and Fontana is his backup when healthy, but both are recovering from concussions. Had to move Eloph over to cover.

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That defense line is going to be nastiiii.

Pretty sure Duarte posted on Twitter that last week as pray10 stated.

Oliver, Singleton, and Vaughn, a 5-star, 3-star who started last year and another 3-star all on 2nd team. wow.

Our All-AAC NT is 2nd team? Are we sure about that?

Singleton was a beast last year. I also can’t believe he is a back up.

I believe Noble has been recovering from a concussion. I would think if he’s cleared, he’ll start at center for OU.

I was referring to Singleton, NT as in Nose Tackle.

Stupid Mondays! My bad.

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