Stats do not lie

utsa lost a ton of players.
TCU did too.
CDH keeps telling us he is working the portal. Obviously we have glaring OL deficiencies. So if CDH can’t recruit and can’t work the portal to our advantage how can we get better? But is it only that?
Now compare stats with the much maligned Dawson. Remember Dawson? We wanted him fired. Let’s look at his stats.
vs Miami (OH) - Passing 243 - Rushing 250
vs atm - Passing 374 - Rushing 77
vs Bethune Cookman - Passing 349 - Rushing 240

Stats do not lie. There is one common denominator. CDH.
Five years.
Five years of a sub par OL play (I am being generous)
Five years of making excuses.

CDH has proven to be a good to great OC but so far has failed as HC. There are hundreds of good/great OC’s that did not make it as HC. CDH adds to this list.


That only tells part of the story. Some of those sales are due to a QBs lack of awareness and subpar field vision.

Does our OL have a lack of awareness and a lack of vision too?

What part of “that only tells part of the story” are you failing to comprehend?

Don’t take your frustrations out on me. Every single game starts with the OL. Without a good to decent OL there is nothing we can do. We are getting manhandled, moved around by teams like utsa and rice. This disrupts the entire offense including the QB and WR’s. I am pointing out facts period.


What a mess.

Remove Mathis’ one long run as well as Smith’s and Manjack’s carries to reveal a composite of our basic running game and you get this: 20 carries for 55 yards, which is 2.75 yards per carry.

Like last year, our scoring average would also look much worse if you take the OT points off the scoreboard. Our average scoring in regulation time is bad.