Stepping Stone

UH has been a stepping stone since Briles was hired. The UH administration has been fighting that with attempts at getting a coach that would stay. When they attempted to impose contract provisions to lock applicants, they eliminated every applicant
worth having.

UH should have embraced the role of “stepping stone”. It would have appealed to many up and coming OCs and HCs. When you have a great product, embrace it. Instead, what the administration did is analogous to a company killing its best product.

Briles, Sumlin, and Herman each left UH in better condition than they found it. UH would not be joining the Big-12 without them.

These errors go all the way to the BOR.


Every job is a stepping stone. Ask Oklahoma or Notre Dame about it.


Well those two jobs are in the middle of no where where there’s not much to do outside campus compared to Houston where there’s an abundance amount of talent you can win big with. Now you add the Big 12 label to it, it becomes a harder job to walk away from it imo.


I’d rather be stoned by Verlander than read another one of these threads…



Agree. We need to go after the best HC candidate we can period. We may keep a few more now that we are going to the Big 12. Can’t let the Billionaire’s hurt ego hold back the program.


When we had Herman, Fertitta stated he would’t let Herman leave over $. With CDH getting paid how he is for 1 measly season, I am confident $ won’t cause us to lose any good HC in the future. It will always be the brands of UT, Aggy, OU, LSU, etc… that will do that and that will ALWAYS be the case. If that happens, we lock and load with the next up and comer. Along the way we might get a Gary Patterson. It it simply stupid to accept much worse results in exchange for perceived stability. Sure I’d have loved CDH to be our Patterson but after 4 years it is MORE THAN CLEAR THAT AINT HAPPENING.

Well if it wasn’t for that billionaire would we even have a football program, or would we have Fertitta Center?
Some of you blow me away with your criticism .
Maybe Fertitta will read some of these dumb and dumber posts and take his money and love for a University somewhere else.


Herman left UH in better condition than he found it.

I edited this comment so I could make the following comment . . . . . NO

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