Still Supporting!

After, albeit, a few hours of sleep, I still want Dana gone lol.

However, you will find me at every home game I can go to. You may even find me in Waco and Lubbock. As much as I am down on the coaches, I am high on the players. They got talent.

They woke up and fought back in the second half. It is unfortunate that the coaches set so much of a tone for them because the right group can make these guys elite.

I want these guys to stay at Cullen for whenever we get the next coach (hopefully soon). Got to show up and support to help make that so. Also do some NIL deals…


Fire Dana, support the players. We’ve got great talent - we just need someone who can coach them. Go Coogs!

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I am still going to find joy this season for the following reasons:

  1. We are in the Big 12. For the first time in 28 years we are not on the outside looking in.
  2. We are no worse off than Tech and Baylor (at this point)
  3. Our revenues into the program are increasing
  4. No matter what happens attendance will improve.
  5. We start the Football Operation Building at the end of the season
  6. I will enjoy my friends at the tailgate and will continue to be grateful that I am part of the Cougar family

I still want Dana to succeed. Replacing him with another coach is no guarantee of instant success. Look at Nebraska. I am frustrated like the rest of you guys, I get it. As much as many would like CDH to be gone tomorrow, I simply can’t see it happening until after the end of next season. If things are not significantly better by then I believe we will have a change in leadership on Cullen Blvd.

None of us is guaranteed that we will get to see another season, so I am going to enjoy the one that I am watching.


Guys, its not Dana’s fault, UH needs, a new football stadium indoor practice facility football operations building to be successful.


Yeah we’re in the conf we wanted so I’m going no matter what . Not showing up makes it all worse.


I am a Coog.


Dana has more resources, biggest paycheck, largest coaching poll $$ than any other coach in UHs history

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Everyone here should still support the Coogs.

Everyone supports the student-athletes.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t stand tall, yell, carryon, complain about the leaders of these young people.

Sometimes supporters need to cheer and sometimes supporters need to shout.

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With coaches and teams like the ones we presently have, I fully expect we’ll lose a couple games we’re supposed to win, and likely win at least 1 we’re supposed to lose.

I’ll be watching, not expecting to be good (or even consistent), but expecting to be surprised.

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And more dorms

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I’ve been looking forward to the tcu game for awhile. It’s a rare occurrence where the stars aligned for my wife and I both to be in town, not working and have family available to watch our kid overnight.
Can’t wait to hang with some old friends and see a UH game.