Strange Missing Person Case

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So the police and media haven’t spoken to him but the media made it a story. I know a lady that works as a fireman. She said people are crazy. A lot of times they’ll get to a scene before the police. The victim and family will often tell them and the police conflicting stories and then try to mix the two. Said it happens almost daily, especially on non-fire.

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I have a feeling this strange case is gonna end up becoming one of most covered episodes on Crime Podcasts once this is all cleared up.

"On Tuesday, ABC13 attempted to speak with Farias’ mother, who did not want to do an on-camera interview but said the man her neighbors have spent time with and seen living with her is her nephew.

She shared a picture of the nephew, but neighbors insist that it’s not him."

This story has smelled fishy since it first broke. Something ain’t adding up.

This ends up as a Go Fund Me for the long-term rehabilitation of Little Rudy.

This is very dark stuff

To add to the confusion, HPD says there is no evidence the mom sexually abused her son.

So… Do you believe HPD or Quinnell X?

Is HPD just covering for the wife of one of their own? The father of Rudy Farias IV was an HPD officer who committed suicide while he was under internal investigation.

Somebody’s gonna make a bad movie about this someday.

Lots of people in this story need lots of help.

I’m trying to figure out the motive of the deception. What did the mother gain by insisting he was missing the last 8 years?