Strength and conditioning

Larry Jackson under Sumlin was an excellent S&C coach and was credited with the success that we had then. We need someone like Larry as the S&C coach. Larry is currently in Cleveland Browns so no chance of getting him but that is the first domino of what is wrong with this team under CDH.


Something I have been thinking about as well. Look at the impact Alan Bishop has had on the basketball program. I’m starting to think that S&C hires might be as important as coordinators.


This was first evident to me during the Tulane road game 2 years ago where we had a huge lead at the half and seemed to get gassed and run out of energy in the 3 quarter before blowing the game and losing.


The thing no body talks about, if the O-line is not in top shape they get worn out more than the defense on long drives. Since defenses rotate players in all game. Our line was not good after the 1st quarter where we were on the field 13 minutes and looked bad by the 4th. Our guys now are bigger than those in the Keenum era, but those players could run all game.


Everything wrong with our football program leads directly to Dana. O-line, S & C, QB, everything. Quit making excuses for this guy (he does quite well on his own with excuses). It’s obvious he is a total failure. He makes Applewhite look like Bear Bryant. As soon as we’re officially in B12 show him the door, Don’t wait until season end.


Is there anybody still making excuses for him?

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Head on over to the 247 board.

Did Yancey Mcnight go anywhere after TU let him go?

Great point to bring up. It has always been a key position for every coaching staff in every sport be team or individual. I truly believe there is more to this. In today’s game we know how physically our players are doing. You can actually measure it “live” This is a huge concern to me. Maybe Giena can tell us (if and only if she wants to chime in) I will perfectly understand if she does not want to. This issue, huge issue is not new. We have had concerns since applesauce.

Maybe CDH did not push conditioning as hard in order to facilitate harmony, maybe buy-in as well.

Fancy indoor facility… maybe not so good of an idea?

You can’t have one without the other and be successful. This always has been a “grey subject” Great programs do not neglect it. I am not writing we are but I do not want to hear that they wore us out either. CDH and his coaching staff knew exactly what to expect.

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This. We have been soft ever since that thing was built. Memphis players actually said Houston had soft azs players.

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Herman called the position the “culture coach.” (for what that’s worth)

and I agree, it’s as important if not more sothan any coordinator position

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I get the point that maybe 90210 that facilities matter. I guess to the conference elitists and players who of course like shiny.

I also liked seeing the likes of SMU and other teams flopping to cause timeouts for breathers. It must have been demoralizing to the other teams. Some of the national audience saw through it.

Outdoor home field advantage over the likes of TT who are not used to having to drink their air was diminished in NRG, btw.

Watch the northern teams play games in the snow every winter and use that against us… or at least try to.