Strong needs an extension

COOG NATION should support him! Haha


hey they did us a big favor beating a team in front of us in the polls.
thank you Charlie tuna! this will also make an OU win over Texas look better.

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Both the tuna man and Sumlin let a nice lead get away from them and had to go into OT to secure a win.

That may have played well to the home crowd but the fellas who issue the paychecks were probably not convinced.

So the jury is still out on both.

Fortunately for both their division/conference appear weak. MissSt lost to a poor sister and Ark almost became BBQ’d pork chops for the Labor day weekend. LSU lost to a lower ranked B1G school.

TCU had a hard time putting a lower division team away … Iowa St lost to a poor sister and KanSt may clean house at the end of the year so ole Dismal won’t have to worry about UH stealing his recruits since he will probable be in the unemployment line by then.

Yup- Go Strong

Too bad LSU lost. Miles is on the hot seat.

Better hope USC and Notre Dame rebound too.

Do not think Herman is going anywhere-

Big 12 looked very weak this weekend. Be interesting to see if they bounce back after the first week.

Best teams right now look to be Baylor, Texas, and OSU. For our sakes, hopefully OU bounces back.

LSU is the threat here. Strong is not in jeopardy. Sumlin could still fall on his face, I suppose.

LSU may not be a destination job. Flooding and state budget problems will take its toll on that school eventually. LSU will most likely be the one most affected by a P5 UH, contrary to what coaches in the Big 12 think. Throw in being in a killer division every year and a split fanbase if Miles is let go and it really isn’t an ideal situation.

Notre Dame would be one to watch out for if they fall flat.

sumlin has the ship heading in the right direction again…
strong needs a defense, still shaky
Norte dame won’t fire a coach this year.
my money is on jimbo for lsu.
clay is looking soft at usc…too much Helton in his veins not enough cougar.

Would they take a chance on Art Briles?

no wat Texas takes Briles…he is a better fir for Lsu

I meant LSU.:yum:

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