Stuard invited to combine

I think that is the full starting 22 right there.

There are experts on this board??? Who are they? It appears there are opinion givers but experts? Anyone claim to be an expert?


Also from the article

“This is not to point out that you can win a College Football Playoff with a bunch of two-star guys. You can’t. Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State generally recruit Top 5 classes every year and we see where it takes them.”

Sounds like in one of the few ways the NFL is like the real world your baseline talent is important, but it’s your personal and professional development is what will take you to the top of your chosen field.

They’re those who profess to use critical thinking skills and create recruiting threads about how our national recruiting ranking by Joe blow’s Coffee Shop is the end all be all. Those are the experts in think he is referring to.


it’s obvious that there is interest in him. the question is will he be a late round pick or an Undrafted free agent.


OK, Ill fess up. I am the expert. There are no others, I am the Alpha and Omega… did I just hear thunder?

I would like to believe you but I looked at some of your previous posts. You might not be the expert we were looking for.

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