Students Tickets are GONE

Sold out in 3 hours



For other games, if student demand remains, there should be a policy that somehow all empty seats be given to students on “standby” outside after the game starts. This announcement could force alums and general public to buy early.


I think the max number of tickets they give is 5k for football games and go up to 7 or 10K for overflow. I think i read somewhere only 1K students will get in a game.

I strongly suggest keeping it like this and dont allow overflow at all to keep demand up and have some students who want tickets buy tickets to the games which will put pressure on general public.

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Man… Beating a good team like BYU at their place was hugeee!


No… That day of the game.

This will be the most hype game at home since beating UT in the CBI!

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Except beating UT at the CBI wasn’t a sell-out. And it being the third tier post season tournament probably didn’t help…

we started doing this with football 2 seasons and our student attendance has drastically decreased. in the last 2 season. we have students who come to our tailgate and just go back to the dorms before the game because they dont have tickets (which is new for us), and the stadium is half empty

you realize only about 40 students regularly attended our games on a tourney team, but we want to make it harder for them to get tickets?..
we couldnt get students to come to our games when it was easy, but we think they come when its harder?

college students come to events that are fun, they don’t care about the demand (if they cant get in they’ll find something else fun to do) …our student attendance is decreasing in football despite “creating demand”
you arent creating demand, you are creating deterrents

my personal story: when i first came to college, I didn’t care one bit about college football (i was a basketball person)…if getting tickets back then actually required any effort i honestly wouldn’t have gone. but all you had to do back then was show up and bring your student id. and every gameday my dorm friends would go, so i just tagged along…somewhere along the line I became a huge fan.
despite the 5k limit, before the ticketing, there were 8k+ students at every game… now its less than 5k as not everyone who gets tickets actually show

my personal opinion: if the game looks likely to sell out, ticket the event. if the games arent projected to sell out, let as many students in, dont ticket it (use the student ID system/aka just show up)
build an attachment between those students and the team…those students will eventually become alumni who love and support the program
plus more students =better gameday enviroment

limiting tickets on non sold out events are for established programs


This isn’t sold out either… student tickets are sold out.

i think it was mentioned before that students are more geared towards incentives than actual game. The incentive here is the exclusivity of going into a new stadium that only 1k students can attend. While i see your point for allowing more student into the game. Where do you put them? Why not just make two student sections from the beginning? Do we get to move around empty seats also?

A student not having tickets to the game is not an excuse. It is easy to go online and request a ticket rather than forgetting your ID or having it not swipe because a student always has their phone. The student attendance for football is due to the lack of hype of the football program by the university or some other factor that we cant figure out. It is not because it is hard to get a ticket. The website opens at midnight and doesnt sell out till after 3-4 days. Sometimes it doesnt even sell out. Thats not because of ticket scarcity thats something else.

This is a new stadium with a new team with the right transfers and the perfect coach. The department though needs to make very calculated moves and not the same moves with football. This has to be a spectacle every single game.

Ill also share a personal story. My first time attending a game at the hofheinz i had no clue the hof was a basketball stadium prior. Id pass by it sometimes and remember i graduated highschool in that stadium. I took a PT exam for a class i was in inside the stadium and saw every corner so that made me want to visit. When i went in for my first game, not one person asked me if i was a student because in all honesty who cared. the stadium was empty some seats were broken the concessions were subpar. I will admit the pretzels were better than i expected. The student section consisted of 4 rows of band members and 3 rows of students scattered all over the section. I tried sitting there once and hated it. The view was horrible and i couldnt get into the game so i sat in much better seats wishing one day the section would be full. The one and only time i saw that section kind of full was the day the football team went for recognition of the peach bowl. There needs to be more marketing media videos or fun things to do. Going in there thinking you can do the same thing you did at hofheinz is a mistake. it wont work.

I know this whole thing was an opinion but heres also my opinion. Make the overflow happen on the games that wont sell out. I.e Lamar and make them sign up for the ticket online in front of the stadium with instructions. This creates a retention system for the university so if and when they want to buy season tickets they’re not new to the system and theyll be sent the email when they attend a sporting event. I agree that they need to build an attachment but with 1k seats you’re going to have people wanting to go regardless of sellout and putting them in a mindset of donating rather than giving for free puts them in a habit. 4 of my friends + SO i graduated with had no intention of buying season tickets until i told them to buy the mini plan and just make the games they could. My SO has been very receptive of the idea of attending UH sporting events and her and a cousin have bought season tickets because of that. They’re hooked now even though they attended the games for free when they were students. This is more of a put a value on it rather than the ease of obtaining it. Side note * Just dont make the tailgate too far in advance or students are going in there drunk and wanting to leave early. The games arent even long and they’re inside. Half the work is done.

Sorry this is long but i appreciate that you took the time to read it all if you did (or skimmed). I know i wouldnt have.

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I think part of the reason they got their allotment early was how it was done for this particular game. Only students that got vouchers at the last football home game were able to turn them in and the deadline was Monday to turn in the vouchers and then today to claim the tickets.

The Lamar game next Tuesday won’t have the same system. I don’t expect students to fill up their allotment until game day for that one and other future basketball games that aren’t hyped like this one.


i disagree with a few points:

  1. i said on games that arent likley to not sell out, so its unlikely they be taking anyone seats, likely just empty ones (im not talking for the Oregon or LSU games…im saying for the games not likely to sell out)

  2. we werent that good at football when i attended, we are drastically better now that we were then, we still had drastically more students at our games than now…like i said students care about “fun to do” more than wins and losses …look outside the football stadium right when the game is starting, you’ll see half the students leaving the last 2 seasons

  3. the claiming system actually requires pre-planning to attend the games, im not sure youve actually met a college student ever? lol i attend every college football game in college, i didnt plan to attend any till i became a fan… it was always “we are all heading to the game, you should come with us” “hey there is a game today we should go”

everything you are saying is “easy” for people already attached to the program…its not that easy if you arent even sure you are interested in going…whihc is 99% of the students at UH

we once had a group of like 8 student girls who wanted to go to a football game this year who came to our tailgate last minute, the stadium was mostly empty, all the student tickets had been claimed. they all ended up heading back… i honestly didn’t see the point in that

but 1 thing i fully 100% agree with you is that marketing needs to drastically improve…im the only one who really follows UH basketball in my group. I got like 7 texts last march with a similar line of “did you know we made the tournament”.if you weren’t already looking for the information, no one knows when our games our, or if we are even good

marketing and easier access …get them there any way possible, let them get loud and rowdy with lots of other students, doing the womp womp and such…doing that will get a lot more them coming back and attached to UH basketball, than telling them there is only a limited amount/pre-planned claiming process to something they dont care about

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I tried buying mini game packages today that included Oregon and was told it was not available. Is the game sold out?

That’s what I’ve heard.

I logged on to my Cougar Pride account and tried to buy the 2 game Oregon mini plan. Nothing available in the $75 premium chair back seats, but could have had 2 tickets in the premium (Terrace) plan $260 range / $525 total I think. So if anybody wants to pony up the big bucks, seats are available through CP account.

I challenge your use of the word drastically. When did you go to UH?

Why do I have the feeling basketball ticket sales and attendance will be a mess this season?

Ah…you know UH all too well.


I understand you on this. Frankly, you stumped me because when i was in College i used the card and knew how people were prone to last minute plans. So when you take the ticket and dont use it you leave someone out. But, i still feel its much better to have an online ticket than a card. Just because of ease and loss prevention. But, it is my understanding they let all students in regardless if they have a ticket. They just have to claim one at the box office or ask the attendants at the gates.

I will say this about being attached to the program. If there was more student engagement prior to the season starting, there would be more students “attached” to the program. I know college football is a big deal in college. Its just the perception of the program. Perception is everything. There should be no excuse for a 45K student campus to only have 2K students attending. I know theres work and other things i understand that but can we agree that the campus should be doing more to attach those students to the program rather than debate the ticketing method that has worked for the most part?

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