Stuff at NW continues to hit the fan

Lawsuit stuff wont matter anymore…2 Republican congressmen have introduced a bill that will provide NCAA, college conferences and member schools federal protection from legal challenges that stand in the way of their ability to govern college sports. The Protect the Ball act, from rep. Russell Fry from South Carolina and rep. Barry Moore from Alabama, will give protection from litigation and allow the NCAA and conferences to regulate things like recruiting, eligibility standards and the way college athletes are compensated. Fry and Moore are both members of the House Judiciary committee.

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Still has to be voted in and signed into law.

Missing a few steps there. Just as a civics refresher for everyone


I wrote everything from the story i saw on it…You want more, write the congressmen and get it.

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So are we thinking they are getting booted from the B1G or what?

I doubt it.

The B1G seems to be the one conference that nobody leaves once they join.

Chicago is the late 1930s is the exception that proves that rule.

See I don’t need to, because the introduction of a bill doesn’t mean the “lawsuit stuff won’t matter anymore”. Until it follows the procedure outlined in School House Rock, that bill is worth little more than the paper it got printed out on.


I don’t think it covers civil suits involving sodomy.

Nobody gets thrown out of the Big 10. These schools have been together for over 120 years.

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If they even tried NW would say “ But what about Penn St.?””

And of course Michigan State….

I never gave it much thought but that’s a really sleazy conference.


Penn State narrowly avoided a 4 year death penalty. I wonder if that would have destroyed their program worst than SMU.

James Franklin is one of the only coaches outside of Saban and MAYBE Dabo, Sark or Harbaugh that could have rebuilt Penn State so quickly after those sanctions.

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B1G is very top heavy.