STW - Roster/Scholarship breakdown

They posted it out on Twitter today, but it’s a pretty up to the minute breakdown of where we sit. Basically, we have 1 scholarship to give right now, however, Kyle Allen is expected to transfer out and, if one other scholarship player leave, we will have 3 to give out this class (maybe). Basically, we have between 1-3 scholarships to offer right now assuming all our commits stay committed.


So we might have 1-3 Scholies and need another DT, S and CB…

I’m pretty sure D’Eriq King is a sophomore.

Also, shouldn’t we go after a P or K?

This is what that team would look like next season so D’eriq would be a junior


We don’t need to go after a kicker yet. Novikoff was our kicker this year, and he’s not on scholarship. He may get added after this year though.

But Witherspoon is our kicker who IS on scholarship and doesn’t see the field…

Need another CB bad…

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This is a fantastic chart - thank you!

Very pleased to see 23 still remaining in the Jr class and 11 from this year’s Freshman class who still have redshirts on. Didn’t realize we spared so many redshirts. Complicated puzzle.

It feels like were losing half our team in 2019


Ok, thanks.

I would go for another CB, DT, and OL.

Problem with so many coaching changes: recruiting suffers. Causes some guys to have to play earlier which hurts classes down the line and so on.

I believe Wilder will get a hardship/medical redshirt for this past season, Kadarian or Javian Smith too. Witherspoon may also have a redshirt year so some of the guys listed may actually be RS Sophomores.

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Why isn’t Patrick Carr on this list? What did I miss? Perhaps he’s not on scholarship?

Right, he’s not on scholarship.

True. But, Major will bring one heck of a class in 2019; because of playing time available.

How do we have such poor DT depth in a 3-4 system? If we have 1 injury there, we might be screwed. Our 2019 class better have at least 4 DTs. This is not good at all.

Agreed. :sweat:

Courtel Jenkins was transfer from Miami that didn’t last through his sit year. He would have been big help. So this staff prepped for this. Hopefully Fleming gets better, but Carter is very good and can play DT or DE. Turner should bulk up and showed glimpses of being very good. He got pushed around a little at times but was true frosh and little light. Point is if Ed needs break, Carter can slide over to DT. Fleming also


The issue is the 2019 season. Do we want to have true sophomores or true freshmen in the 2 deep at DT?

Worked out with Ed :wink:

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Lol Yes, I’m sure we’d all love for CMA to sign another 5-star, transcended player and start them as a true freshman. Hopefully it happens.