Sumlin out?

Lots of smoke… but you know… the internet…

Seems like he would be done. But his buyout is INSANE. 10.4 mil.

They have a nearly 10 billion dollar endowment and receive a yearly portion of a 37 billion dollar PUF fund.

They might be ok.

Now…now, we all know that state money cannot be used for athletic purposes…:wink:

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My understanding they are leveraged to the hilt with the insane expansion they did with the stadium.

I’ll bet Tony Buzbee is going to put his money where his mouth is.

Buzbee is hosting a UH PAC reception at his house to raise money for the Sumlin buyout.

Kidding. Hopefully.


ATM and Texas at Austin have been cursed for ending the SWC. They should just give in and become soccer schools.


That’s a very large mouth.


I’m interested to see how and where they gonna fire Sumlin, can’t get worst than a phone call on your driveway.

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LMAO @ TAMU, since breakup of SWC in '96 they’ve had EXACTLY TWO season where they’ve won more than 9 games, '98 & '12. They actually think they’re a Top 5 Blue Blood program that should be competing for the NC yearly. Granted with all their $$$ and resources you’d thing they’d do better than actually do.


I find it funny that A&M thought they’d reap the recruiting rewards of being the only Texas team in the SEC, only to see those recruits go to other SEC schools. Aggies don’t have much pull outside of Texas (why would kids want to go to College Station if not from Texas) which makes it difficult to compete against the schools that can recruit all over the southeast or even nationally.

Only way the Aggies are going to make this work is to go unconventional. Morris certainly isn’t going to be the guy to do it; basically a Sumlin clone. Briles would have been interesting there, but they probably need to get back to what worked before and that’s hire a defensive guy. Aranda at LSU, Diaz at Miami, Venables at Clemson, Patterson at TCU (never happen), Pruitt at Alabama…those guys have a chance to get them back to the Slocum years.

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The closet down the hall from the fancy locker room was renamed to “study hall”. PUF issue resolved.

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Sumlin recruited just fine. Thankfully UT was down while Sumlin had to replace Sherman’s recruits.

Maybe he really relied on Kingsbury. KK does seem to be a QB whisperer. Keenum, Manziel, Mahomes, etc.

Buzbee looks very accomplished. Too bad he’s an Aggie. But also a UH Law grad. #2 in his class according to Wikipedia. :slight_smile:

Todd Orlando to A&M?


Ooh that would be interesting but not happening

Todd Orlando to Oklahoma? I don’t think they are not happy with Mike Stoops.

I just can’t see the Aggies hiring the UT Defensive Coordinator.

Believe it or not Briles name is surfacing.

re Briles’ name - you need to get new “sources” - if he couldn’t get hired as an analyst in Canada, he isn’t going to get hired at a mid-major program like A&M in Texas - about the only option Briles has remaining is as a QB draft analyst for the NFL and then only if he does his analysis privately and “anonymously”

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