Summer league thread 2023

a few games already started


brandon miller looking trash his 1st taste of the nba

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not only is miller not scoring the guy he is guarding looks like the next coming of kevin durant (champagnie -who is just a gleague player)… horrendous 1st look for the #2 pick

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I am not big on Miller heading into the NBA. not because of the off-court drama but objectively speaking about his game he has a bunch of red flag.

I won’t write it all. This picture says plenty.

Also his inability to create shots for himself off the dribble. Which is especially noticeable against athletic defenders. Noticed he disappeared the most against UH and San Diego State. Two of the best defensive teams in the country last year.


Need some Gorham and Carlton out there. Hopefully they give them time since they’re up big. I didn’t see them in the first half.

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Why have people on your summer league team if you don’t play them

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They all get the practice time and there will be a few whom spit time in the rotation from game to game.

Btw Sasser will play against the Rockets Sunday on ESPN2.


Is it his first G-league game? If so, it’s kind of early, isn’t it?

They need people to fill the roster. But I agree it’s stupid. If you’re up big might as well give someone a shot.

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Btw that foul on Gorham was criminal

Summer league.

But Miller should be killing these guys.

Francis type numbers for Gorham

I am not a huge fan of Miller but I would not put much stock into his first summer league game.

It’s summer league.

Another way to get a triple double


he was the #2 pick where he was taken over what most consider a lock of a star in scoot… he has had 2 games, both games were bad …
i dont think anyone is saying his career will be bad…or even that he will be a bad player but if he was worth the value of the #2 pick in a historic draft

this is summer league… its supposed to be the opposite, you arent supposed to overhype good performances. becuase he it is drastically harder in the nba… its not supposed to be opposite when you are making excuses for bad game…

keyonte goerge and amari bailey are like putting up 20 piece games…even kendric davis is showing out

It’s summer league. Meaningless.

Nate Hinton is playing for the Rockets but I am not sure how much he will play because this year and last years draft picks are supposed to play too.

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summer league has literally made/broken careers… there are 2 player THIS year expected to get contracts of their summer league play and are only 2 games in (currenlty gleague)

and “its summer league” is what you say to great games not bad ones