Summer Team Picture

Lauren Sampson posted a team picture after they attended an etiquette class.

Recognize the following in the picture from left to right:
Dotson, Jason Russell, Chicken, Meyer, Gray, Meshu Negga, Hollis Price, Patty Godfrey, Mikhail McLean, Coach Sampson, Nkali, Karen Sampson?, Brooks, Robinson, Davis, Charley Ochoa, Van Beck, Kellen Sampson, Sangoyomi, Talvin Hester, Dupree, Alvin Brooks, K.C. Beard

Not sure who the question marks are and will probably feel stupid if they are obvious. No sign of Dunnigan or Harris, but I think they are expected in the Fall. (Edit, updated the question marks; yep, I was stupid).

Who is Charley Ochoa?

Notice the crutch Xavier Dupree is leaning on? I think he had surgery recently per his twitter account. Looks like his right foot is in a boot.

PS That’s not video coordinator KC Beard on the end. It’s trainer John Huston. And that’s Lauren Sampson next to Coach, not Karen.

Ochoa is listed as “Internal Operations.” Can’t find much more info on him other than his name and picture here:

Couldn’t tell if that was Karen or Lauren. Thought Lauren took the picture, but was debating that since it didnt look like Karen unless she had gotten her hair dyed black. And definitely whiffed on Beard/Huston.

Hadn’t noticed the crutch for Dupree, but see it now.

Is it me or is Chicken the tallest in that picture? Has that always been the case?

Chicken is the tallest. This team has less height than last year…could that spell trouble? Can Chicken improve enough to make bigger contribution?

Not sure that we have less height as the only big man we lost was Pollard while bringing in Sangoyomi who’s listed as 6’11" and Chris Harris who’s 6’9".

Do need someone to step up and replace Pollard’s production. Hopefully Chicken, Davis, or Harris can fill that role.

Does any one really know the story on Harris ?

Sampson was on TV before last season and said that Harris had the grades and the test score, but HISD turned
the information into the NCAA clearing house too late (believable).

Others said that he is enrolled in UHD ??

Can anyone find him ???

I follow him on twitter - @quickbucketaim (advice: turn off the retweets if you are going to follow him).

I don’t know the full story other than to expect him to enroll in the fall and that he’ll be on the team. He posted a picture of himself back on May 6th saying he was up to 245. Great news as he was thin in high school. Notice the shirt.

Chicken also got on him earlier this month about getting in the gym which made McLean laugh.

Another picture; Lauren Sampson and Dupree not in this one:

Not sure who the guy on the far left is next to Dotson.

Somebody is hiding behind Mikhail. If you click on the photo and make it larger you will see two hands on his shoulders. They are not the hands of the people standing beside him. I take that back, I don’t see extra feet, but the hands on the shoulders is weird. Nevermind, I figured out where the hands came from.

I get nervous when I feel 2 hands on my shoulders; especially during a prostate exam.

Welp, according to the new roster released today, the guy between Harris and VanBeck with the Warriors 2015 NBA Champs shirt is Mateen Hirbod, a 6-2 guard from the Bentley School in California. Also, no Chris Harris on the roster as of yet.