Summer watching list

Had to dig deep into you tube to find this gem. There is alot of content on YouTube to keep all die hards happy. I use it with my you tube app on my fire tv.


Used to have some real good playlists on YouTube from some of the guys that did a good job of uploading games. Unfortunately, the ACC started cracking down on those guys and they basically shut down their accounts and all those videos got taken down.

This is a good thread though for folks that want to post when they find a game. Would be nice to get an updated list gong.

The Maddogs came to play that day.

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Went to the game. Man that brings back good memories. I didn’t see the last play as it was at the far end of the field and because everyone was standing and jumping around. Just heard the loud roar. Finally 3 hours later i saw it on replay. Much better outcome than the ice bowl against Notre Dame.


Just re-watched the UH-OU game from 2016.


You Tube has lots of UH games.

Watch the 2006 CUSA Title Game against S. Miss.

Kolb, Aldridge. Marshall and lots of other great players.

Here is the game against OU if anybody wants to watch it:

I just watched it and it brought back a ton of memories and it still gets me excited!


Looking back at that OU game it just reminds me what a beast Garrett Davis was! It also reminds me at how much I missed Chance Allen’s awesome downfield blocking for his teammates!


… and so were Steven Taylor, Brandon Wilson, Ed Oliver, Tyus Bowser, Mathew Adams, Greg Ward, and the rest of the players! No telling what we could have achieved if Herman was dedicated to the team and wasn’t job hunting!


Or, imagine if we landed CDH after TLC left us!!


That Nebraska Cotton Bowl win was one of our all time great victories!

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The Cotton Bowl was the second time that year we came back from 14-10 in the last seconds to win. The first was against aTm at College Station and Elston came off the bench with less than a minute and hit Herring on two long passes and then hauled it in on a scramble to win. He hit Herring to win the Cotton bowl - with Eric catching the deflected pass. I was at both games and both were just outstanding, hard faught wins!


I think the second pass in the a$m game was to Terald Clark. No matter, the stunned look on the faces of the Aggie corpsmen was worth the whole afternoon amongst those morons !!


We were at both games too. I remember “poor aggies” chant going on at the very last of that game. Both games were among the most exciting flip endings ever . . . . .

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Some more games to watch that I found

1976/77 Cotton Bowl Houston vs Maryland

1990 Arkansas at Houston

1990 Texas Tech vs Houston

2011 SMU at Houston (1st half and 2nd half - College Gameday game)

2011 UH at Tulsa (1st half and 2nd half)

2012 Ticket City Bowl (1st half and 2nd half)

2015 Texas State at Houston

2015 Houston at UCF

2015 SMU at Houston

2015 Houston at Tulane

2015 Vanderbilt at Houston

2015 Cincy at Houston

2015 Houston-Memphis

2015 Navy at Houston

2016 Lamar-Houston (looks like they cut out the long rain delay

2016 Houston at Cincy

2016 Tulsa at Houston (Goalline Stand game)

2016 Louisville at Houston

2017 Houston at Arizona

2017 ECU-Houston

2018 Tulsa at Houston

2018 Navy-Houston (The Ed Oliver injury game)


1979 Cotton Bowl: UH vs Notre Dame:
1981 Sun Bowl: UH vs OU:
1990 Houston at Texas:
1991 Houston at Miami:
1991 Houston at Texas A&M:
1991 Houston at TCU:
1996 Houston at LSU:
1998 Houston at Tennessee:
2001 Houston vs Texas (Bleachergate):
2002 Houston at Texas:
2002 USF at Houston:
2003 Houston at Michigan:
2003 Hawaii Bowl: UH vs Hawaii:
2004 Miami at Houston:
2006 Houston at Miami:
2006 Liberty Bowl: UH vs South Carolina:
2011 Conference Championship: UH vs Southern Miss:
2014 Houston at BYU:
2014 BBVA Compass Bowl: UH vs Vandy:
2016 Houston at Navy:
2016 Houston at Memphis (Eye-Twitch game):
2016 Las Vegas Bowl: UH vs SDSU:
2017 Texas Tech at Houston:
2017 Memphis at Houston:
2017 Hawaii Bowl: UH vs Fresno State:
2018 Houston at Texas Teh:


Thanks Patrick!!

This will be my summer watching list!


Patrick is awesome. I sure would like to see the AM game from 79 among many others. Burr Davis used to get the films of those old games and we would watch them at his house.


Woo wee, there is a few in there that would make you cringe, but with anger…


Hey Patrick, can we save that in the classic Forum so we can continue to reference your post??

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Uhh, never mind, all the ones at the bottom were losses…after looking again and remembering most…some of which I attended. Dont want to remember the setbacks…

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