SUPER SELECTIVE 1st med school class!


I hope that COVID19 doesn’t hold us up!

Check this out!

Quote: The UH College of Medicine received 1,728 applications for its first class of students, and 164 applicants were interviewed for the 30 available spots.


I thought they would have had a ground breaking ceremony where certain officials take a shoval and dig dirt for a photo op but I guess COVID stopped that. Anyway, the important thing is that construction has started.

College of Medicine construction site live feed. Nothing to see right now.

Because of the way med school admissions work, admission rate isn’t necessarily the same indicator of selectivity as it is for other admission programs.

Mind you, this isn’t a knock at all on our incoming class – regardless of the nominal “admission rate,” med school admissions are notoriously brutal. The average undergrad GPA for an admitted med school student is 3.72.

Construction work on the new Med School IS underway; groundbreaking is over.

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Proof again, the state needs to share a piece of that PUF pie with UH so that it can provide a high quality education to more Texas kids! Too many of our kids get turned down because the dimwits in Austin continue to play games in deciding where to put the money at! — into the coffers of UT and A$M!

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Email Dr Khator about the PUF Fund and what you think. I did on Sunday. Now is the time with all the social up rising. It’s tougher for A&M and UT to defend it now vs when things settle down. Now is the time!

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Good point about the importance of timing plus we have absolutely nothing to lose.

I also emailed senators carol Alvarado and John whitmire asking them to re-investigate why UT haven’t sold the land they bought and to ask for PUF funds to be allocated to UH & Tech. If you could also it could start a movement.

If you want their email addresses just look up their names and call for their email addresses or I can send them to you if you ask