Surprising crowd

… all things considered. But this offense…
Players need to wake the heck up!

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Around 30K people come to the games no matter what. Our floor has risen.


Very good crowd.

Everyone seems flat and uninspired. Navy on the other hand is a model for effort.

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I’m definitely surprised how many people are physically here.

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I noticed that as well. Slumped shoulders is not a good sign.

Was suprised in the lack of students but crowd was pretty decent. Glad I was able to go last minute.

I was surprised by the crowd size. That and the win were positives.


Yeah, I thought it was pretty surprising. Navy brings in a nice visiting crowd it seems but I was proud of the Cougar faithful. Glad I went to the game and saw the W even though I’ll be venting about this team non-stop if they don’t show up for the bowl game.

No 30k for ECU. It was warm but still.

They reflect their leader !

Final attendance for this game was 29,252.

Bit surprising

I was also surprised at the turnout and the crowd really got into it the second half when we dismantled Navy with a 17-0 run. It’s the end of November but it was still freakin’ hot during the game. The small Navy contingent was loud the entire game and I think that helped inspire our crowd. Overall great way to finish the season, great job by the O and D in the second half with the obvious adjustments…Now let’s go and win what ever crap bowl we are in and then turn our focus to spring ball and molding next year.s team…


Based on what I saw, that’s pretty close to what showed up, I think.

I was also surprised by the crowd size.

It was nice, cool and comfortable in the upper deck…unlike the previous two 11 a.m. starts which were brutal.

The AAC commish and the Presidents of the Southern most AAC schools should tell the networks…positively no 11 a.m. starts south of the Mason Dixon line until November…PERIOD !!


I was there with my family. Our program is growing and I’m proud. The product out there was great.

One of the keys to the game is when UH started to create the run through the pass. This team doesn’t do well when you run first. It has to establish the air then the run.

If you weren’t there today, you missed a beautiful day of football.

I think it’s funny the coogs could stop the triple option this year but couldn’t last year with Herman’s team.


Muy bien crowd for a Friday contest, during the Thanksgiving holiday, and a 11am start. Considering the situation…fans, students and alumni should feel proud and good at the turnout and outcome!!


I wore a hoody to the game but it did not take long to pull that thing off LOL…I really enjoyed the game and although it was warm it was not like some of the previous hotties…but I agree, morning games in Houston just aren’t good…the home side had the privy of some shade, our side not so much…but hey we won and we had a great time…end of story…

I didn’t make the game, but actually had all my tickets used which was a first for this season. It looked a lot better on tv than I thought it would.

Interesting to note that we’re still known as a commuter school, the low student attendance makes one think that may not be the case so much