SW FWY CLOSED @610 TODAY (saturday football traffic)


Workers will be taking down more of Loop 610 near the Galleria, meaning weekend closings for Interstate 69 in both directions, starting Friday. Crews will close northbound and southbound I-69 at 9 p.m. Friday, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The freeway will reopen by 5 a.m. Monday, officials said, possibly sooner depending on how work progresses. Various entrance and exit ramps also will be closed, along with the connection from southbound I-69 to southbound Loop 610.

From Sugar Land I use: S Beltway to 288 N then (1) exit S MacGregor to N on Scott OR (2) continue to 45 S & exit Scott/Cullen

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Thank god I live in the East End.


Maybe not the best option, but exit onto 90A, pass thru about 4 lights to reach 610/S. Main. Take 610 East. You can easily access campus from there or go to Palm Center and ride train . . . . . train is no charge with a UH ticket or even Cougar gear displayed . . . . .


With this closure thats the way to come from the SW but I’d take Scott street off 610S and come all the way to the stadium. Watch out for Stafford speed traps though.

Is 59 open all the way to UH then 45 if I’m driving from kingwood up north?

If you’re coming from Kingwood best option is to go north to Grand Parkway and take it around to Sugar Land before coming in on Southwest Freeway, if you’re trying to get stuck in this traffic headache. :wink:

Another way to avoid the traffic is to not live outside the Loop. Problem solved.

You’re welcome. :money_mouth_face:


From Sugar Land I use: S Beltway to 288 N then (1) exit S MacGregor to N on Scott OR (2) continue to 45 S & exit Scott/Cullen

That’s a good option too

I’ve been riding the rails for years now, but back when I drove in, the general rule was this:

Know where you’re parking and don’t try to drive across campus to get there.

In other words, if you’re parking on Elgin, don’t come up Cullen from MacGregor… Take Elgin off of 288 or 45. Or Cullen from 45.

Nowadays, you probably also want to be cognizant of the light rail and how bad it f***'s up traffic signals. Don’t cross the light rail if you don’t have to.

Then again, those rules mainly applied for big games, and we’re not back to that yet.



The Aggies in charge of TXDOT close 59 when we have home games.
No idea if this is true but it wouldn’t surprise me.

They did a great job of messing up the post-game traffic flow on 45 going North.

TXDOT is loaded with Aggies.


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