Sydney Gerbracht Steps Into Justin's World

The voicemail from Coach Holas is still on my answering machine at my parent’s house in San Diego. I remember our conversation and my excitement; She asked me “Are you serious about this? I’m willing to go all in with you – but only if you’re 100% all in too.” Everything happened really quickly after that – I had applied, was accepted, had talked to academic advisors for the athletic department and for the Honors College, and that was that. I was still in the works with other schools at that point, but Houston came through with a sense of urgency. Who doesn’t want to go to a school that will do whatever it takes to get you to go there? That was the deciding factor for me. It made all the difference that Houston went to great lengths to show me that they wanted me on the squad, even though I was the fifth in the recruiting class and not a traditional recruit.