T-Mobile works great at TDECU

ATT never did for me. Might be a network thing with GSM vs whatever ATT and (I think) Verizon are on. Not sure but just fyi.

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Yep, happy I made the switch

With so many empty seats in the stands the wifi is working great!


Yes it does! I’m streaming the Texas game


It is because of the WiFi network at the stadium. I believe the company has a partnership with TMobile so there are synergies or something.

Helps when there are not as many people there too.

Verizon pretty good today. I used it instead of WiFi in section 112.

The good reception on Saturday had more to do with the empty seats than your carrier.

Without a full stadium trying to hit the same cell towers, everyones reception was good.

Yesterday continued my season-long streak of not being able to connect to wi-fi.

I would stream the ut game only if I could direct the stream directly into the toilet :sunglasses:.