Tackling still poor

I saw so many shoulder bump attempts, diving at the legs attempts, and grabbing from the side attempts that their RB just ran through.

Get is front of the guy, square up, put your shoulder into him and drive with your legs. But you can be afraid to get in front of him because he is big and fast.

The only big hit I saw was on Ewers and I think it was because he was a QB


You missed some really excellent hits, then. Dot, Caldwell, Brooks, and others all really tattooed the ball carriers but mostly after that first quarter.

That hit Ogwoebu put on Ewers was shades of Matthew Adams on Mayfield.


I’m not as worried about the things that are done right, be because they are supposed to be done right.

I will guarantee you that every series had multiple missed tackles. I worry if we can correct those things that are done poorly.

A few good tackles does not erase the missed tackles or poor tackling.

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While there were a few good hits, we still tend to play the bumper car defense. It seems like we touch or bump into the ball carrier and hope he falls down. Watch games when Sumlin and Herman were HC, defensive players wrapped their arms around the ball carrier and brought him down, and our hits were stronger.

Kids don’t hit in high school anymore - players wear less protective padding now - you think they’ll magically turn to hard hitters now?