Tailgate Express Now at UH Games

Link below. Not sure how I feel about the prospect of paying $600/game for a tailgate setup that provides a tent, table/chairs, and a cooler with ice (to a company started by a TX Tech Alumni to boot). Anyone have any experience with this? I guess it is cool that you can party in reserved space in Cougar Alley if that is not already allowed.

Ttech grad

Too bad we do not have any U of H grad connected to the event/tent industry…just asking.
$600…no way.
You develop a fan base with a parking pass, rv pass and nothing more.
You start at a good price first.

If anyone else started a business to undercut this, I don’t think it would fly with UH.

This is a partnership with Learfield. Of course it’s freakin Learfield.

Agree 92010. This seems like kinda a missed opportunity to enhance the daygame atmosphere. I would gladly pay $250ish/game to the athletic department to reserve my own spot in Cougar Alley and bring my own stuff.

Also of note, in the general tailgating rules it seems like we only allow small bbq pits to be used now? Kinda takes the wind out of my sail a bit as I wanted to host a huge tailgate party and bring my big trailer smoker to cook on.

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This is where we have a major disconnect. Tailgating is the last thing we should try upset our true fan base. Cooktops/flat iron are awesome. I used to bring it at the chargers game. Big charcoal bbq are an issue.

Are there alumni tailgate spots we can reserve for the season from UH? Similar to what student orgs do?

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