Tailgating at Rice

I looked online and they say you can only tailgate three hours before kickoff. Does anyone know if they are strict about this or do they just say it and they will let you get there earlier like UH does?

Doesn’t the game start at 11 am. You still want to tailgate earlier than that :fearful:

If your not first your last!


Beer, breakfast of Champions . . . . .

I mean… 8 am is pretty early enough hahaha

I think I will party with Kolache Factory and screwdrivers


Kolache Shoppe and Mezcal for me.


Klein, Kobalt or Craftsman ? ? ? ? ?

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We bought a bunch of champagne for this one but normally its tequila if anyone wants to come thru at the home games.

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Tequila ? Damn… That early. Y’all some savages lol. If its morning, give me a beer or mixed drink. Anything stronger like a shot, I’ll end up at the hospital lol. (no pun intended)


This is hilarious! Is kolaches and a drink of choice a thing hahaha what have we been missing @Progs :joy::laughing:

I remember conference champ game against temple in ‘15 getting a sack of kolaches and a 12 pack at 8 am. Dumbest idea. I remember the first half, barely.