Tailgating History

I mentioned to Anthony opperman from the galv daily news he should consider doing a piece on the uh tailgates from robertson forward. Mentioned there are a lot of stories and characters that would be perfect for a perspective piece. He said hed look into it.

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you are the history of cougar tailgating…chapters 1 to 5

Lol. Thank you but way bigger than me. Im amazed and sooo happy as to the current state of things. Many, many more have given their contributions. I would just love to see a historical piece done on the reemergence of the program from the dark days explained through the fans experience off the field. A kind of parallel comparison as both rise together.

I don’t know about a story, but I did suggest to UH to get some B-roll of tailgating and people in the stands to put together a spot to sell tickets during the off-season. A big part of the reason people are at Texans games is the tailgating and the entire gameday experience. UH needs to get that part of the story out so that people who have no allegiance to UH, might want get the full gameday experience.

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If this is done and its a great idea. We have to get Maddog on board. I still recall the years in the early 2000’s when there was just a few souls out there drinking copious amounts of beer just hanging out. It grew from there and it has morphed but the spirit is still going strong.

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Matthew would be a bad candidate for an interview. His recollection of what actually happened is limited. There should be some excellent photos of him in a lawn chair somewhere

Bachie Magruder the other day was talking about how we would feed the players after the game from our tailgate.

No sure I want some of those stories getting out :slight_smile:

Well… there is that van trip we took to TCU where the TCU blue hairs were shocked into silence when the van pulled up into their tailgate spot…

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Would someone tell the story about Jimbo head butting a parking meter in college station.

Should we even bring up New Orleans?



Austin game where we had to tell the rowdy sip kids maddogs former employer and why it would be a bad idea to continue down their path.

Telling one one of the rbs that the rolly poley guy in the chair drinking a beer averaged 9.8 yds per carry… for a season (spoon). Lmao.

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A group of friends and I would rent an RV and camp out overnight when we first got back to Robertson. First game it was us and Ed Ross. Lance Zierlein, when he was just getting started (I think at 610 at the time) came out on one or two of the Friday nights the 1st season too.

You guys transitioned it to baseball too. I loved bringing the “missle defense shield” 18 wheeler bq pit. Soo much fun.

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Slept 4 sober, 6 drunk, 8 wasted.

That effin thing was a city unto itself. Cut up a bunch of chickens

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