Does anyone know if tailgating is allowed on Saturday?

Why not… man I used to tailgate before class.


I used to tailgate bball games.

I’ve seen others planning to tailgate. I don’t think there’s a designated area for it, but I don’t think you’ll get shut down if you’re tailgating in the parking lot.


Wasnt there a party or tailgate on holman for one of the last games at the Hoff? i thought there would be at least some festivities.

My buddy and I are gonna tailgate a bit in the 16 cash lot off Cullen and Elgin probably if anybody wants to join us

I’d play it safe. Bring two vehicles, park at the back of the lot (near Elign) across from the baseball field and leave two spaces in between, make that your tailgate area. Worse case they make you move the gear to the grass to clear the two spaces.