Are we allowed to tailgate for Basketball games?

Used to be… I’ve sat out in the lot drinking beer before going into the Hof…

I quit drinking before FC was built so idk…

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Sounds like something a Basketball school would do


Well right now, we are what we are.

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YES!! They have a tailgate every once in a while outside for students. However, it never looks to be well attended. The hard part about tailgating for basketball is that it’s in the winter months.

Smart man.

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Winter months are the best time to tailgate in Houston… :grin:


We semi-tailgate before just about every weekend home game. Translation - 2 to 3 hours instead of 5-6 hours like we do for football.

What’s stopping tailgating for bb? Just camp out wherever unless I’m wrong but it would be cool for more bb tailgates. Guessing the issue is the games are 2 hrs vs 3.5 hrs so the effort is tougher to justify, plus the games aren’t always sat. I’d say if we have some sat ones this or next yr it could work.

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Coogs complain about getting to a football game by 7:00 on week nights. Same would be for basketball games, unless you are retired and live somewhere within a short drive to campus. Set up, visit, tear down and head in for tip takes time most won’t have.

I think everyone should definitely tailgate for the Alabama game!! I can probably guarantee that they will do something for the students before the game. We could start a movement…we can all just drive up to the top of the garage and have a tailgate up there! I don’t think there would be many cars from students up there esp. on a Saturday game. There wouldn’t be a closed in area so no worries about carbon monoxide or anything like that! Plenty of space for tailgating games, heck, the school or someone could even put up some basketball goals on top. I think that would look AWESOME for our university esp. on national televised TV to have something like that. Thoughts?


Just don’t bring grills to rooftop. Not allowed.