Talked with Pancake's Dad

I was leaving the stadium half-way through the scrimmage when a stocky fella turned and asked me if I attended the games. I pointed out where my seats are on the 40-yard line and asked who he was. He said that his son was playing center for the first team. Then I realized that I was speaking with Demetrius Hunter’s father. Nice guy. HIs son, “Pancake”, was alternating with Freeman on the first team. I said that I hoped his son would bring some of those “big East Texas linemen with him.” He said that they are working on two and one of them was there tonight watching the scrimmage. Then I asked about the QB from Auburn, Davis. He said that his father was in the stadium tonight and had been here last weekend also. I asked if he thought that Davis would wind up here. No response. If Davis is coming to UH everybody there really is a lid on it. He also told me that Pancake had been accepted into the high school hall of fame, which is part of the College Hall of Fame in Atlanta. I do know that he was originally committed to OU before selecting UH. Also, his bio on UH Athletics site has that he was ranked the nr. 2 Center in the US coming out of high school.


Hunter may ultimately redshirt, which is almost always best for freshmen offensive linemen.


That or I could see him playing some guard. Either way seems like the OL is finally taking some solid steps forward


If Pancake is alternating with first team I don’t see him using a RS, especially if he can do the same job at guard.


You don’t redshirt if you are the 2nd string guy. What if Freeman gets hurt? Hunter can play guard too.

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Yep… Freshman that contribute on the field don’t redshirt…

The #2 ranked center in the country, coming out of high school, is going to contribute to our OL immediately.


I’m assuming that there’s going to be more “tinkering” with the Oline this summer.

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See… The Aggies didn’t get ALL of the linemen out there this year… :grin:


We’ll see. Based on Dana’s comments, Freeman is doing very well and will be the clear starter. Hard to say if playing in more than four games is something we would need from Pancake.


I know some of the family. There were some trying to guide him to Missouri. Earl Thomas comes from the same family.

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I get it… SEC… but I’d put our program ahead of Mizzou these days.

To SEC fans it’s this simple… There are SEC schools and then there are a bunch of D2 conferences after that… :roll_eyes:


Well…4 months ago…UH absolutely WAS better than Auburn. In Alabama.


I seent it!