Targeting rule interpretation

The targeting rule interpretation is all over the map. There are multiple threads about rule interpretation, football decline and others.
How on earth could it be not clear? Helmet to helmet hit should be and ought to be an automatic disqualification. Last week we saw it interpreted two ways. This week it is happening again. This is on the conferences to make sure their referees are on the same page. Anybody that has played the game knows what tackling means. This has been an ongoing issue for decades. You can design the best helmet possible this will always be a "BASIC issue. And it goes both ways. Let say a WR is purposely lowering their helmet they too should be liable.
Just imagine if we had an all around better tackling? Pete Carroll has been a huge proponent of this again basic fact. In the days of mass media this by itself is making a huge impact to a parent watching the sport. We have all of the tools necessary to improve tackling. Unfortunately you will see one or multiple instances when it happens during a single game. That has to be corrected once and for all.


In AAC, if Houston hits someone, it’s targeting. If Houston gets hit, it’s a clean hit . . . . . Crown of helmet to facemask is obviously not a targeting . . . . . according to this weeks zebras . . . . .


What is even more frustrating and …damaging (visual) is the time it takes referees to make that decision. I would like to see the stats of actual confirmed targeting vs. getting flagged.

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That was a blown call.


That is the ENTIRE problem. There is not one game that follows the logic/rule(s)

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The rule is subjective in cases where “forcible hit” has to be determined. So in those cases, yes, the refs are bad if the call goes against us and good if it goes for us and is upheld. The hit on Dell in the end zone was helmet to helmet which isn’t subjective because the force of the hit is not a criterion. The ref in the booth just blew it and should be fined, written up, doxed, whatever, to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Remember last year when one of our guys head-butted someone on the other team after the whistle? targeting was called and upheld.

This is what the ncaa should really meet about. This is the main issue when it comes to football.
Optics are everything.
Did we have the same media coverage just 10/15 years?
You are a parent. What comes through your mind?

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