Tax Attorney for setting up a PA (professional assoc)

Any recommendations…

I’m going through the process right now… I need someone to help me file all the appropriate paperwork/forms with the State.

thanks :slight_smile:

To my knowledge there is no legal specialization in Tax Law. Attorneys who call themselves Tax Attorneys have had no specialized training in tax law whereas CPAs and Enrolled Agents have. So, if you want someone who can tell you the tax implications of various business entities, talk to a good CPA or an IRS Enrolled Agent.

There are Attorneys who are also CPAs. So they could give you tax advice and legal advice on business formation.

Some CPAs try to advise people on the best organization for their business, but they can only speak authoritatively from a taxation and accounting standpoint. There is more to figuring out the best organization for a business that just those two aspects and that’s why I recommend an attorney AND a CPA.

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Agree, the most powerful tax attorney is also a CPA or has an accounting background. Most do in my experience working in oil and gas tax.

That said, you can get an LLM in Tax which is a specialization. Also, CPA doesn’t equal tax expert. Most CPAs don’t do anything with Tax.

Absolutely true. Never go by credentials
get referrals and ask tough questions.