Taze Moore Scouting Report

Hey all, outsider that comes in peace.

We put together a very in-depth scouting report on Taze Moore (and a few other top returners) for this upcoming season. Houston should have another very strong squad, looking forward to catching some of their games this season.

Feedback would be appreciated, think you’ll enjoy it! Thanks.


I took a glance but I read your take on Taze and holy cow, this is really great, in-depth stuff.

Thank you for sharing. This will be great reading when I get back home.

And please, come on by and visit anytime!

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Man, this paragraph sounds exactly like Deeky when he was trying to settle into his groove!

From a basketball standpoint, there are some pretty noteworthy concerns as well, particularly on the offensive end of the floor. He’s erratic, constantly throwing wild passes or missing point-blank lay-ups. And though he shot a blazing 51.4% from three this year, he only got up 35 total attempts from range (4.5 3PA/100).

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Great article, sounds he will fit into UH system quite well.