Taze Moore's Shot

A.) Can’t believe it didn’t make ESPN top 10

B.) We don’t win without it

Hopefully, he can get his more traditional 3 pointers to fall at a little bit higher clip for the next couple of games.


I’d add a possessive “‘s” on the subject line. I thought at first we had another injury to our backcourt :flushed:



That’s to get more clicks… :crazy_face:

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What defines Taze Moore to me was a bit earlier in the game where he took a pretty good shot to the head and came up obviously woozy. Took a short walk around the three point line then stepped up and drained two free throws in a row.

The man is tough and a true gamer. This team has so many great story lines to it.


That ally oop could have been classic if the pass wasn’t jacked up. The block was spectacular though too.

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He and Chaney (whole team actually) tough as nails. Love the blue collar mentality.


His put back dunk later wasn’t too shabby.


Taze looked like a cat dropped upside down from a rooftop (childhood experiment before MythBusters existed) except he did his wriggles on the way up and STILL managed the right trajectory for that shot!!!


a fan


Theant will proclaim the Taze signature move/shot the “Throw a cat from the roof”

As we in the rural areas might pronunciate it, “thowed a cat fum da woof”

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Taze started off slowly offense but warmed up. Sometimes he just looks reluctant to shoot.
Glad to see him shoot the ball.
That’s what it is going to take to get walker’s confidence going. Hope his leg is ok