TCU and Gary Patterson has an Issue Today

This is blowing up out there!

Hard to believe someone (especially a head coach making millions upon millions for 2 decades) would be stupid enough to use a racial term as is being claimed. But as it has been proved recently, it has happended elsewhere around the NCAA among some coaches vs players.

Why is it usually the disgruntled back-ups that raise the startling allegations?


Fire him ASAP. No place for that.

C’mon Patterson. In front of your players you could have said “the n-word” instead of the actual word.

He’ll apologize and keep his job especially if it’s not occasional behavior but it will be strike one.

I will tell you exactly what will happen locally here. Patterson will apologize then the local media and the FW Star Telegram will declare TCU as a leader for civil rights because of how they handled the situation. Then no reporter will ever bring it up again. TCU has something UH doesn’t, a local media who will protect them no matter what. They already have a long news story out breaking down how Patterson used the N word indirectly so its not that bad. Just look back to the FBI drug sting which led to arrests of multiple TCU football players and the media coverage as another prime example.


Ive alluded to this before when these allegations come up. It’s really easy to condemn people with the context and also there is a huge double standard. I’m never around anyone that uses the n word so it would never come out. But these coaches are around black players that use it all the time. The human mind is imperfect. If you hear it everyday, that is going to greatly increase the chances of it slipping out. Obviously it is wrong to say, but the players need to be the first ones to quit saying it.


I’m not defending Patterson, I think. But it sounds like he was critical of the player for using the word in meeting rooms or the locker room.

Yea, he shouldn’t have said the word. But there is some context here.


This is not why he used it. I have never seen what you are saying happen accidentally and have worked in the basketball industry for 10+ years. As far as I know Patterson isn’t a racist, he is just a guy who gets heated real quick and has a huge ego so he probably thought he could get away with saying it like that.

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Upon digging into the details, it appears to be that Patterson was calling out the player for using the more acceptable term in team meetings where it is against team rules to use that word. GP used the word as the player did in the meetings but the player appeared to tell other players that it made it seem that GP was calling him the N word. Some other players now are calling out Dylan Jordon for making it seem that way. I guess more to come on this front.

GP supposedly was quoted as claiming he didn’t call him the N word but was calling out the player (Dylan Jordon) for using the N word himself in team meetings. If this is accurate, I wouldn’t want to be Dylan Jordon going forward. Sounds like he was in the dog house anyway plus he basically publically stated that things haven’t been so great for him at TCU his 1st two years.

Of course, if GP did use that term with calling the player the name, I wouldn’t want to be him either.

More clarity to come, that is for sure.


Bottom line, he used the word in the context of asking a player to not disrespect a team meeting by using it. Then he gets called out for being a racist and using. It’s even worse than I thought. Players need to quit using the dang word and also let go of their immense double standard.


I agree, the word should be removed from use. It seems like it was about gone from our language at one point in time and now its all over music and used regularly among some. For some to use it all the time and it being OK and others never to be allowed to use it, it seems to have blown more life into a term that should have been gone a long time ago.

Glad to see it is a team rule not to be used. That tells you something right there what the real story probably is.


Have we come so far as you can’t tell someone not to use a word by actually saying the word you are telling him not to use? Telling someone not to use a word is not the same as using a racial slur. This is getting out of hand.


Definitely sounds like it.

Disgruntled player who will probably need to transfer soon.


Maybe the disgruntled player should call Jussie Smollett for some advice and recommendations.


sensational headlines for a big nothing burger story.

I hate the media…


It got out of hand a long time ago !!


In before lock.


This article appears to be a more complete picture of what is known so far and it is better written and more clear. More to come out on the story. In the end, I think GP will weather the storm.

GP probably will have to apologize to his players for repeating the word that the player has been saying in team meetings and one outcome will be that the term will be banned across the TCU AD. By letting the term live is how it blew up.

I don’t believe I would want to be the player.

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Here’s the expected apology.